Miriam Nathan-Roberts

Lectures & Workshops:


The Current "Art Quilt" Movement
The lecturer presents a wide ranging view of contemporary art quilts. Through contact with quilt makers from Quilt National and Visions shows, Miriam has collected slides from well known, as well as many lesser known, quilt artists. This slide lecture covers a great breadth of styles in the very latest work being done today. Miriam will include her latest work.

Illusion and Whimsy: My Evolution from a traditional quiltmaker to an "Art-Quiltmaker."
(humorous with some humorous music)
The lecturer discusses her development as a quiltmaker and shows slides of her work. The lecturer will bring quilts to show and answer questions.


Variations in Scale : "Contemporary" Meets "Traditional" and They Live Happily Ever After
This is a workshop for people who have wanted to create original contemporary quilts but haven't known where to begin. We will start with traditional quilt blocks of your own choosing. By learning to vary the scale and color within the quilt, you will create unique and beautiful designs. Specific exercises lead you step-by-step in a surefire method.

Altered Grids:   Moving From the Known to the Unknown
Stretch your traditional quilt block into a new shape using altered grids. The teacher will provide new design grids and directions. Squares become elongated into rectangles. As you invent new patterns, controlled distortions lead to the illusion of curves, to both symmetrical and pleasingly asymmetrical designs.
2 to 5 Days

Quilt-By-Number: Formulas That Create Diversity
With the ease of painting-by-numbers you can achieve ordered yet startling designs. Charts and tables allow you to fill-in-the-blanks while developing unexpected combinations.
After making some simple color choices, you use effortless formulas, and the patterns appear as if from invisible ink.

Lattice Interweave Workshop
Straight from the horse's mouth! In this workshop learn to create the woven lattice effect in Miriam's ground-breaking quilt "Lattice Interweave" 1983. This is the original quilt that won top awards at Quilt National, the AQS Paducah Show and Marin Needlework. It was the beginning of Miriam's well known "Interwoven" series. A 3-D illusion of woven bands is created using value gradations. Behind the lattice can be scenes, designs or blocks. In six hours students of all levels will start, and be well on their way to completing, a wall piece.
1 to 3 day workshop

Quilt Design
Suggesting an image, rather than directly depicting it, is the graphic idea behind LESS IS MORE. The selective approach is a powerful technique that an artist can employ, inviting the viewing audience to interact with the artwork by mentally completing the implied image. The end result is a dramatic quilt plus techniques for creating more designs, as well as unusual fabrication methods. This project is a six-step process taking the designer through various stages useful in creating such an image. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the use of value in design.
2 to 5 day workshop


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